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OAO Noyabrskgasrefinery

Full name: Open Joint Stock Company Noyabrskgasrefinery

Abbreviated name: OAO Noyabrsk Gas Refinery


Head office:
Lenina, GLazunoka St, 27/32 Noyabrsk, Tyumen Region Russia.

Office Address:
12, Krasnopresnenskaya, scow 123610, Russia Federation.

+7 (495)923-59-77 

Fax:+7495 9235977

Web-site: www.noyabrskgasrefinery.ru/en

E-mail: info@noyabrskgasrefinery.ru
Proposals on OAO Noyabrskgasrefinery's web-site operation please send to: webmaster@noyabrskgasrefinery.ru

Fraudulent activities

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Please, beware of the cheaters who deceitfully send, via Internet and E-mail, fictitious proposals for petroleum product sales on behalf of OAO " Noyabrskgasrefinery ".

OAO " Noyabrskgasrefinery " exclusively sell and exports its petrochemical products through Certified Companies or Agencies  of Noyabrskgasrefinery, which bypass any agents when concluding contracts.

Official information about the activities of Agencies claiming agent of OAO " Noyabrskgasrefinery " export ,please verify by writing  agentinfo@noyabrskgasrefinery.ru.

OAO " Noyabrskgasrefinery " reserves the right to take measures of legal pressure in order to suppress fraudulent activities by unfair market players.

In case you receive any commercial proposals to your address from the companies with the names conformable to the domains of the OAO " Noyabrskgasrefinery " Group companies, we kindly ask you to inform us at this E-mail address: admim@noyabrskgasrefinery.ru.